Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sansome School Upcoming Events Calendar and Subscription Information

To subscribe to this calendar on your iOS device, go to: 
Settings > 
Mail, Contacts, Calendars > 
Add Account >
Other > 
Add Subscribed Calendar > 
Server: *copy/paste the URL below*

The events will then show up in your iOS Calendar and continue to update as new events are added!

*Note:  DO NOT just click on the link and download the events.  This will only download the events currently posted and will not subscribe to the calendar in order to receive new events.

To subscribe to this calendar using your Mac computer and sync it to all of your iOS devices in only 1 step, open your Calendar application on your Mac and select: 
File > 
New Calendar Subscription>  
When prompted, copy/paste the URL above into the "Calendar URL" window.  
*see screenshots below*

You will now be able to view all "Sansome School Upcoming Events" on all of your iOS devices.  All of your devices will continue to update as new events are added/removed.

  • If you don't have an iOS device, you are welcome to bookmark this page and view it at any time in any internet browser for a copy of our up-to-date calendar.